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Music is the most beautiful universal language on earth. When we listen to it, that brought joy, sadness, tears, memories, love, passion, and most of all the desire to stay alive despite all.


     Abigail J. Milce also known by his stage name ABISAX is a young and enthusiastic saxophone player originated from Haiti. His passion for music is unconditional. Abisax started playing the saxophone at the age of 11. Many great saxophonists such as Charlie Parker and Kenny G have a lot influence on his desire to learn how to play the saxophone at a very young age. These two remains by far his best role models.

     Abisax learned to play music by his teachers who play at the Presidential Haitian Palace for 6 years until he move to the United States in 2010 to pursue his career in medicine. Despite being a medical student, his passion for music never fade. He continues to play in local churches, wedding, concert all over the state of Florida. He was member of the symphonic bands at Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic  University where he acquired valuable skills and techniques developing his playing styles.

     Abisax believes music is the most important Gift that the Creator has granted to humanity. As result, his vision is to leverage and shine the beauty  of music in his community and the entire world.

     His first Album entitled "Gospel and Romance" will be the starting point of his musical journey. He is working harder and harder to become one day among the greatest saxophonist icons the world has ever known.




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